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Lego Robotics

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Program Overview

What is a Robot? How coding skills are used in robotics?.
Students can build and program their own ev3 robot friend.
Our lesson plans help students to develop their communication, creativity and critical thinking-skills in a fun and exciting way..
Live interactive sessions, Assessment & Digital Certification.
The ideal age for a child to take the course is 8+. The maximum number of student intake per class is 10.
There is no requirements for a physical kit as the classes are based on online simulation.


  • Basic coding skill
  • Laptop & internet connection
  • Basic communication skill 

What you will learn?

Unleash the creative powers of LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3.
Students can build robots that think , decide and act and can do anything you can imagine.
Learn commands, blocks, sequences, algorithms, motors, sensors, patterns to code.

About this Specialization

Kids try to program the actions of a robot or a computer program, they learn to identify all the small steps that when combined to create a bigger journey. They learn to anticipate obstacles, find creative shortcuts. It teaches kids to think 3 dimensions. It improves creativity and decision making.


  • Make code basic
  • Make code Advanced
  • Lab view Basic coding
  • Use brick buttons
  • Display Text and graphics
  • Sensors – IR/ touch / ultrasonic
  • Loops
  • Switches
  • Basic Line follower
  • Basic Wall follower
  • Button control robot
  • Traffic signal detection
  • Auto driver car
  • No accident car
  • Auto balance car

Institute Information

Stem Robotics is a global leader in providing STEM Education, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence for students from Age group 8 to Corporates / Faculties etc, who wish to learn the latest technologies in AI and Robotics. We have presence in USA, Africa, UAE & SEA.

  • Internationally Approved STEM curriculum & Trainers.
  • International Recognition of our SARA Robot in International Robotics Summit 2019 Philippines.
  • World Robot Olympiad and FLL competition – regional level toppers and 28 students represented in National level robotics competition in 2019.
  • Signed up with Science India Forum Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , to provide online training for 28 schools.
  • Signed up with Unifinity a global virtual training provider to launch our training program in US , UK, Africa. 


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