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C++ and Arduino Robotics

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40 Hours

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Program Overview

Introduction to the Arduino and other components needed for robotics.
Coding helps children learn how to have fun with math.
Live interactive sessions, Assessment & Digital Certification.
Understanding computers and learning the basics of coding helps children to develop an appreciation of how things work.
The ideal age for a child to take the course is 12+. The maximum number of student intake per class is 20.
There is no requirements for a physical kit as the classes are based on online simulation.


  • Basic coding skill
  • Laptop & internet connection
  • Basic communication skill 

What you will learn?

Learn electronics easily.
Learn C++ coding.
Learn Arduino Projects.
Motors & Sensors.

About this Specialization

Using Arduino Robotics students can actually learn c++ coding and how to use coding in Arduino robotics in doing multiple projects like

  • To drive DC motor
  • How to use ultrasonic sensors 
  • How to use Temperature sensor 
  • How to use Servo motors etc



Module 1:

  • C++ Basics
  • Input Output operations in C++

Module 2:

  • Data types
  • Modifiers

Module 3:

  • Strings: Using Character array
  • Using string literal
  • Get string input from user, gets and puts

Module 4:

  • C++ conditional statements– if, if - else
  • Switch case statements

Module 5:

  • Pre-increment / post increment
  • Loops in C++ – for, while, do while

Module 6:

  • Arrays – 2 dimensional
  • Multi-dimensional arrays

Module 7:

  • Pointers – Arithmetic operations
  • New and delete operators
  • Dynamic memory
  • Array of pointers

Module 8:

  • Functions – Defining a function – return type
  • Function name
  • Parameter passing
  • Function body
  • Return

Module 9:

  • Structures- Define structure
  • Accessing structure members
  • Structure as function Arguments
  • Classes and objects


  • Arduino Introduction
  • Led Light up
  • Led blink
  • Multiple Led
  • Fading Led
  • RGB Led with Arduino
  • Push button digital input
  • Piezo Arduino alarm
  • Arduino piano with buzzer
  • Potentiometer analog input with Arduino
  • Servo motor
  • Servo motor with potentiometer
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Ultrasonic sensor with led
  • interfacing ultrasonic sensor and servo motor
  • Temperature sensor with Arduino
  • Arduino with smoke sensor
  • Programming PIR sensor with Arduino
  • Seven segment display
  • DC Motor
  • Motor driver

Institute Information

Stem Robotics is a global leader in providing STEM Education, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence for students from Age group 8 to Corporates / Faculties etc, who wish to learn the latest technologies in AI and Robotics. We have presence in USA, Africa, UAE & SEA.

  • Internationally Approved STEM curriculum & Trainers.
  • International Recognition of our SARA Robot in International Robotics Summit 2019 Philippines.
  • World Robot Olympiad and FLL competition – regional level toppers and 28 students represented in National level robotics competition in 2019.
  • Signed up with Science India Forum Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , to provide online training for 28 schools.
  • Signed up with Unifinity a global virtual training provider to launch our training program in US , UK, Africa. 


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