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MS Excel - Basics for Beginners

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30 minute

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Self Study

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Program Overview

Introduction to Excel.
Formatting and edit functions.
Basic formulas and their applications.
Understand how to use Excel for basic data analysis.


  • No prior knowledge required


  • Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 2019 (Office 365) loaded on your computer or windows laptop (Mac users may find it difficult to follow through since some Excel functionalities differ between Windows and Mac OS versions)

What you will learn?

A solid understanding of the Basics of MS Excel Input, edit and format data in an excel sheet.
Understand how to use basic formulas to do calculations.
Build familiarity and confidence to progress to Intermediate and advanced Excel courses.

About this Specialization

Enrol to Edrona’s “MS Excel - Basics for Beginners” course to get your fundamentals right with regards to one of the most popular spreadsheet tools in the world - MS Excel. Here, you will start with the basics, building a strong foundation that will help you navigate confidently into the intermediate and advanced level Excel courses.


  1. Navigating and familiarising yourself with Excel

    1. Access a new workbook

    2. Rows, Columns, Cells and Ranges

    3. Worksheets

    4. Layout- Tabs, ribbons, and groups 

    5. Inputting Data 

  2. Basic formatting and edit functions

    1. Add colours to fonts and cells

    2. Wrapping Text

    3. Insert and Delete Rows and Columns, Merge & Centre cells

    4. Currency formatting

    5. Percentages

    6. Add cell borders

    7. Cut, Copy and Paste

  3. Basic formulas

    1. Cell referencing

    2. Frequently used functions in Excel

      1. Addition

      2. Subtraction

      3. Multiplication

      4. Division

      5. Power

  4. Basic Data manipulation and reviewing

    1. Sorting

    2. Filtering

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