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CBSE Reaffirms Guidelines For Safety Of Children To School Principals

CBSE has reiterated the safety guidelines that were circulated for the first time, four years ago, emphasizing on the students' safety in the campus. All CBSE Schools are expected to follow the safety guidelines issued by CBSE. The safety norms have been reiterated in continuation of the circular issued earlier in this regard.
Following are the safety norms that CBSE have pressed forward in the latest circular:
1.The school must ensure fire & safety norms and compliance.

2. Schools must ensure that the school building is safe and sound for running the school.

3. Schools must ensure that students are safe and secure in the school premises during school hours.
4. Schools must ensure the safety of students in their buses and other means of transportation.
5. Schools must periodically review safety guidelines and renew safety certificates.
To view the updated circular, click: https://www.cbse.gov.in/cbsenew/documents//Student_Safety_2022.pdf

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